About the company

In 1997, Tommy Forsman started making lightbars for truck trailers, selling mainly to Ab Ekeri Oy in Kållby, Finland. After a time, Forsman expanded his services to include cabling assemblies and welded stainless steel parts for truck trailers. Forsman founded Ab Forslight Oy in 2005 and still holds 100% control of company shares. During the years Ab Forslight Oy has grown rapidly and currently employs 5 people and reports an annual turnover of 1,5 million Euros.  

Ab Forslight Oy specializes in lightbars for truck trailers, various other types of lighting systems intended for heavy trucks and trailers, and cabling assemblies suitable for truck trailers and/or farming equipment. Furthermore, approximately half of the company’s turnover comes from the production of welded stainless steel components for truck trailers, with the company also producing one-off stainless steel products such as ladders, furnishings for slaughterhouses, smokestacks, and other specialty products. In 2009 the company installed an ABB robotic welding cell.

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